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Our team of carpet cleaners is equipped with modern steam cleaning machines that will provide you a professional carpet cleaning service

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service for your home!

KatCleaning is your local carpet cleaner based in Northwood, London, ready to deliver top service on low prices, therefore we are truly the best cleaning service in London. Many of our competitors will not provide the proper professional carpet cleaning service, in other words, they will miss important steps of the process to deeply clean your carpets.


Our Carpet Cleaning process is:

1. First, we perform a pre-leaning analysis to decide precisely what chemicals and instruments for the particular tapestry are needed.
2. We will professionally vacuum your carpets using a twin motor high-filtration vacuum cleaner specially designed for advanced high precision cleaning. Our professional equipment extracts dry dirt such as soil and dust but at the same time, it brushes the carpet’s fibers to prepare them for the procedure.
3. Apply a pre-spray detergent which will decompose all dirt that is stuck in the depths of your carpet’s fibers.
4. For our solution to work better we then brush the carpets to ensure that all dirt is decomposed and all germs, bacteria and viruses are destroyed.
5. Apply steam cleaning procedure using our professional equipment provided by the Mytee. Our machine injects hot steam deep into your carpets using very high pressure. The steam helps to dissolve the dirt and kills any harmful bacterias and viruses as. Immediately after the steam is injected the machine suck everything back into its dirt-water tank.
6. We then check the results and invite the customer to inspect the service. If there are any remaining stains we can treat them with specialized chemicals depending on the stain’s nature, colour or odour.
7. If we are happy with the results and the client is completely satisfied with our cleaning we apply anti-bacterial aroma spray.

Our Carpet Cleaning prices:

ItemApproximate SizeStandard ServiceAdd Stain ProtectorExclusive Service
Box Room11 x 7 ft. – 3,4 x 2.1m. £23 £46£12£40 £80
Bedroom 12 x 12 ft. – 3.6 x 3.6 m.£29 £54£15£55 £110
Master Bedroom13 x 13 ft. – 4 x 4 m.£34 £68£15£60 £120
Living Room13 x 13 ft. – 4 x 4 m.£34 £68£17£60 £120
Through Lounge26 x 16 ft. – 8 x 5 m£55 £110£30£120 £240
Hallway/Large Landing19 x 4 ft. 6 x 1 m. £20 £40£10£40 £80
Flight of Stairsup to 13 steps£28 £56£15£50 £100
Small Landing/Turn Step6 x 4 ft. – 2 x 1.2 m.£8 £16£8£30 £60
StairtsPer Stair£3 £6£2£6 £12
Toilet/Bathroom6 x 6 ft. – 1.8 x 1.8 m.£20 £40£10£30 £60


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What is included in the price for Carpet Cleaning Service:

Standard ServiceExclusive Service
Professional vacuuming
Applying pre-spray detergent
Steam Cleaning
Stain Analysis
Free Stain removal
Apply stain protector.
Apply Aroma
Parking Charges included

Steam Carpet Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction

The most efficient and popular way to deeply clean your carpets is by using professional steam cleaning. It has excellent effects and it will keep the carpet clean for a very long amount of time when it is consistently used. But it still has some negatives, for example, the steam cleaning process should not be disturbed until it is fulfilled and the carpets need some time in a well-ventilated environment so that after the procedure of hot water extraction it gets dry.

Stain Protector

The way in which the stain protection works is by covering each surface fiber with an invisible application shielding the carpets from regular soiling and water-based and oil-based stains. Stain Protector keeps the carpets newer and saves you time and effort, since it is much easier to clean routine. If the carpets or upholstery is already treated with stain prevention, we have a better success rate when treating stains.

Get cleaner carpets today

It is a well-known fact that big companies rush through the tasks, as a result, they would be able to take as many customers as possible in a single day, in contrast, KatCleaning will not do this, we take every task seriously and we treat customer exclusively.  We wish to deliver the proper professional service. We promise you satisfaction and freshness after we leave your home. The steam cleaning process is a proven method for treating carpets. Our modern specialized equipment is providing the best results even for the hardest jobs. We will remove all types of stains. We have successfully cleaned very ruff stains like – paint, makeup, wine, food, and many many others.




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Minimum charge for Standard Service – £55;

Minimum Charge for Exclusive Service – £100;

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