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Steam carpet cleaning results preview
Our team of carpet cleaners is equipped with modern steam cleaning machines that will provide you a professional carpet cleaning service

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service for your home!

KatCleaning is your local carpet cleaner based in Northwood, London, ready to deliver top service on low prices, therefore we are truly the best cleaning service in London. Many of our competitors will not provide the proper professional carpet cleaning service, in other words, they will miss important steps of the process to deeply clean your carpets.


Deep Carpet Cleaner’s process is:

1. Vacuum your carpets.
2. Apply a pre-spray detergent which will decompose all dirt that is stuck deep in your carpet’s fibers.
3. Brush your carpets.
4. Apply steam cleaning procedure using our specialized equipment, which shoots hot steam into your carpet with very high pressure and then sucks everything back, therefore nothing is left on after it.
5. After that, we will check for any remaining stains or dirt which then will be treated with special chemical depending on the nature of the stain.
6. Apply one more steam cleaning procedure over on any remaining stains.
7. Apply fresh aroma scent.


What is included in the price for Carpet Cleaning Service:

 Standard ServiceExclusive Service
Steam Cleaning
Check For Remaining Stains
Treat Small Stains - Free of charge
Treat Large Stains - Free of charge
Apply Stain Protector - Free of charge
Apply Aroma - Free of charge
Parking Charges included

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Get cleaner carpets today

It is a well-known fact that big companies rush through the tasks, as a result, they would be able to take as many customers as possible in a single day, in contrast, KatCleaning will not do this, we take every task seriously and we treat customer exclusively.  We wish to deliver the proper professional service. We promise you satisfaction and freshness after we leave your home. The steam cleaning process is a proven method for treating carpets. Our modern specialized equipment is providing the best results even for the hardest jobs. We will remove all types of stains. We have successfully cleaned very ruff stains like – paint, makeup, wine, food, and many many others.



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