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Steam Cleaning Services Full Price list

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Please, check our full prices for all steam cleaning services below

Carpet Cleaning Prices:

ItemApproximate SizeStandard ServiceAdd Stain ProtectorExclusive Service
Box Room11 x 7 ft. – 3,4 x 2.1m. £23£12£40
Bedroom 12 x 12 ft. – 3.6 x 3.6 m.£27£15£50
Master Bedroom13 x 13 ft. – 4 x 4 m.£34£15£60
Living Room13 x 13 ft. – 4 x 4 m.£34£17£60
Through Lounge26 x 16 ft. – 8 x 5 m£55£30£120
Hallway/Large Landing19 x 4 ft. 6 x 1 m. £20£10£40
Flight of Stairsup to 13 steps£28£15£50
Small Landing/Turn Step6 x 4 ft. – 2 x 1.2 m.£8£8£30
StairtsPer Stair£3£2£6
Toilet/Bathroom6 x 6 ft. – 1.8 x 1.8 m.£20£10£30
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Rug Cleaning Prices:

ItemApproximate SizeStandard ServiceAdd Stain ProtectorExclusive Service
Small Rug5 x 4 ft. – 1.5 x 1.2 m.£14£4£20
Medium Rug8 x 5 ft. – 2.4 x 1.5 m.£18£6£30
Large Rug12 x 10 ft. – 3.6 x 3 m.£27£10£50
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Upholstery Cleaning Prices:

TypeSizeStandard ServiceAdd Stain ProtectorExclusive Service
Sofa (L Shape)Two Seats£45 (£55)£25 (£30)£78
Sofa (L Shaped)Three Seats£55 (£75)£30 (£35)£98
Sofa (L Shaped)Four Seats£75 (£95)£35 (£50)£138
Sofa (L Shaped)Five Seats£95 (£120)£50 (£60)£178
Office ChairN/A£17£10£30
Dining Chair N/A£14£7£20
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Mattress Cleaning Prices:

TypeSizeStandard ServiceBoth Sides (Standard service)Exclusive Service
Crib MattressStandard Size£19£20£40
Single MattressStandard Size£29£40£60
Double MattressStandard Size£34£45£70
King Size MattressStandard Size£39£60£80
Super King MattressStandard Size£50£70£120
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Check out our Galleryin other words find out what you can expect when we make a visit to your property and clean your carpets.

FOR FREE CANCELLATION – 24 HRS NOTICE REQUIRED! Any appointment missed, late cancelled, or changed without 24-hour notice will result in £50 charge.

  • Minimum charge for Standard Service – £50; Minimum Charge for Exclusive Service – £100;
  • All taxes are included in the prices but the price may vary if the information provided by the client is incorrect (eg item sizes).
  • Please note that any Parking fees should be covered by the client –not applicable for Exclusive Service
  • For Standard Service – if the equipment is to be carried on upper floors (flat buildings), an extra charge of £5 per floor, may apply at cleaner’s discretion.
  • For Standard Service any small stains (up to 3) will be removed free of charge, however, any large stains are charged extra if the client is happy to cover the cost.

We accept most major payment methods.

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