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Rug Cleaning Service Safe for your family.
Our rug cleaners will make sure that nothing is left behind after they finish with the rug cleaning service.

Professional Deep Rug Cleaning Service Safe for your family!

Rugs these days are brightly colored and made of a variety of materials. Using professional deep rug cleaning service at least once a year will help you to keep your rugs look fresh and bright as the day you bought them. This is why we have a highly skilled and well-trained rug cleaners team, with years of experience in the steam rug cleaning services, which is proven to be the most effective way to wash your rugs. Seems like, people still cannot travel back in time, but we are not sure about rugs, however, after our visit, we have had multiple reports that rugs look years younger.

We use proven and fully-tested professional detergents that are safe for children and pets. Our processes will help to restore your rugs to almost original appearance and leave fibers clean, fresh and shiny.

Deep Rug Cleaner’s process is:

1. Vacuum your rug/s.
2. Apply a pre-spray detergent which will decompose all dirt that is stuck deep in your rug’s fibers.
3. Brush your rug/s.
4.  Apply steam rug cleaning procedure using our specialized equipment, which shoots hot steam into your carpet with very high pressure and then sucks everything back, therefore nothing is left on after it.
5. After thatwe will check for any remaining stains or dirt which then will be treated with special chemical depending on the nature of the stain.
6. Apply one more steam cleaning procedure over on any remaining stains. (if required)
7. Apply fresh aroma scent.


What is included in the price for Rug Cleaning Service:

 Standard ServiceExclusive Service
Steam Cleaning
Check For Remaining Stains
Treat Small Stains - Free of charge
Treat Large Stains - Free of charge
Apply Stain Protector - Free of charge
Apply Aroma - Free of charge
Parking Charges included

Quote Calculator – ExclusiveQuote Calculator – Standard

We can remove all types of stains. We have successfully cleaned very ruff stains like – paint, makeup, wine, food, and many many others.


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