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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Covid-19 Aware?

All our staff is COVID-19 Safety trained! Please feel free to contact us for more information or a copy of our certificate.

“Are you insured?”

Yes, all of our technicians have public liability insurance cover for up to £1,000,000.

“Do I need to prepare for the carpet cleaner’s visit?”

Yes. Please remove any items from the carpet like clothes, toys, books or any other belongings. The carpet cleaner is there to wash your carpets and not tidy up your home. He will vacuum your carpet prior to the wash so you don’t need to do this.

“Will you move all my furniture?”

No. The carpet cleaner will move only small furniture like chairs and tables but he is not insured to move large furniture. We usually do not advise to wash the carpets under heavy furniture that you don’t usually move. If you put heavy furniture on the freshly washed carpet you might damage the carpet and the furniture, therefore, if your bookcase has been at the same spot in your house for the last 10 years just leave it there.

“How long does it take to dry?”

Usually, around 3-4 hours but it depends on your carpet’s thickness and material. Another important factor is the condition of the carpet prior to the service – dirtier carpets are treated more, therefore it will take longer to dry. We advise keeping the area well ventilated until the carpet is fully dry.

“Can I walk on my carpet after the service?”

Yes but we advise limiting the traffic as much as possible until the carpet is fully dry.

“Is it cheaper if the room is not empty?”

No. It is much easier to clean the carpets in an empty room. The quote we gave you would be the same if there is furniture in the room or if there isn’t.

Can you remove stains from carpet and upholstery?

We can’t guarantee it because it depends on how old the stains are and whether you’ve tried to remove them yourself. If we can’t completely get rid of them, nothing will, but your pieces will definitely look much better after a deep cleaning.

“What is a “Landing”?

Landing is a small area usually in the middle of your stairs. Our price is for approximately 2 x 1,2 m. People often confuse landing and a hallway. The landing might be at the top or at the bottom of the stairs but if the size is more than 2,4 square masters we will charge you for the price of a hallway.

“Can I book one room for your Standard Service and one room for your Exclusive Service?”

No, a booking can be either Standard of Exclusive service.

What is a stain protector?

It is a protective layer that we spray after the cleaning service is complete. This layer will not allow dirt, dust and spills to attach your carpet and upholstery, therefore it will be very easy to clean.

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